Welcome to Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network

Our Vision is that people in Warrnambool and the wider region enjoy and support a sustainable and biodiverse natural environment.
Little Penguin Transparent

Who We Are & What We Do

Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network is a non-profit, volunteer based  environmental conservation organisation.

We work with traditional owners, landholders, community groups, government and non-government agencies to:

Improve biodiversity in Warrnambool and the wider region, and

Inform, advocate and act for the protection of our natural environment

Our Committee & Staff

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How To Volunteer

Our Goals are to:

  1. Foster connections between people and their local environment.
  2. Increase community awareness of key environmental issues.
  3. Provide opportunities for people to participate in and learn from community environment projects.
  4. Work with Traditional Owners, landholders, community groups, government and non-government agencies towards shared goals
  5. Lead and participate in native revegetation and regenerative environmental work that improves biodiversity.
  6. Influence policy for positive impacts on our natural environment.

Our Projects

Some of our projects are long term, such as our Middle Island Penguin (and Shearwater) Project.  Others are shorter term, for example over the years we have done many tree planting projects where planting takes place one year, followed by 2+ years of follow up maintenance.  Every year we take on new challenges!

Holding Baby Little Penguins

Middle Island Penguin Project

This world famous project that the oddball movie was based on protects Little Penguins and Short Tail Shearwaters.

Warrnambool Revegetation Project

Revegetation Projects

We have been running tree planting projects for decades, revegetating Warrnambool’s urban areas, regional reserves and farms.

Kid's Activities - WCLN Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We love to share our knowledge of the natural environment and involving the public in our activities.

Networking & Community Support

We support and partner with a number of ‘friends of’ and landcare-type groups in Warrnambool and the region.

Planning & Policy

We regularly contribute to government plans and we advocate for better protection and improvement of our natural environment.

During nearly 30 years of volunteer environmental conservation work we have involved thousands of community members.

From tree planting to monitoring the Middle Island penguin and shearwater colonies to a range of citizen science and education activities, our members and many other volunteers have actively changed Warrnambool and the region for the better. Anyone can take part in our activities for as much or as little time as they want.


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